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Armfield catches fire - and tests it with the new FTT Series

Posted on 26th April 2016

The new Armfield FTT Series is designed to introduce students to the fundamental principles of measuring reaction to fire, exploring the concepts of ignition, flame spread, smoke production, heat release and toxicity. Read More

The future of UHT / HTST Systems is available now!

Posted on 2nd January 2013

Armfield are pleased to announce the latest in our range of UHT/HTST systems – the FT74XTS UHT/HTST system! This is an upgraded version of the FT74X and features several new advancements making it easier to control and collecting more data while processing. The addition of a new full colour touch screen control interface enables your research and development team to analyse temperature data as they work. Read More

Presenting the new Armfield FT84-12 Microwave UHT add-on

Posted on 14th December 2012

When rapid heating is required for a UHT / HTST system, then the Armfield FT84-12 could be just the thing you need. Read More

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