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New FT102LT Carbonator Filler

Posted on 4th July 2014

The Armfield FT102X has a well-deserved reputation for being the best Carbonator-Filler on the market, and is used by many of the world’s leading food and beverage companies for research and development.

The new FT102LT utilises the same technology and many of the features and benefits of the FT102X, but features a smaller product capacity (15 litres). The system is available at a considerable cost saving over the FT102X - making it perfect for entry level R & D projects or for companies with limited budget. This new system features an enhanced colour touch screen control and can be used for carbonated or non-carbonated beverages like soft drinks, fruit juices, water, milk, cordials, beers, wines and spirits. The FT102LT is capable of throughputs of up to 60 litres per hour using two litre bottles and can accommodate a wide range of cans and bottles. There has never been a better time to develop with us!

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