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The FT141/142 Multifunction Laboratory Mixers

Posted on 8th July 2010

Armfield have worked in partnership with Limitech - another company with years of experience and a proven reputation in developing and manufacturing equipment for the food industry - to bring you the highly versatile FT141 and 142 Multifunction Laboratory Mixers. 

The units offer flexible solutions to batch processing in the lab, and are suitable for high shear mixing, dispersing, homogenising, emulsifying, evaporation and vacuum de-aerating. Depending on the capacity selected, you can hygienically process up to either 10 or 20 litres of product, with the FT141 capable of processing at 95% vacuum and up to 100ºC, and the FT142 extending performance into UHT processing at up to 140ºC and 3 bar pressure.

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