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The future of UHT / HTST Systems is available now!

Posted on 2nd January 2013

The service unit comprises of a feed tank, a product pump, instrumentation for the heat exchangers and an electrically powered hot water boiler with recirculation pump. It’s controlled by an integral programmable logic controller (plc.) and can process UHT product at up to 20 Litres per hour with temperatures up to 150 degrees.

 The FT74XTS is available with a wide-range of upgrades and accessories to suit your requirements, based on plate or tubular heat exchangers. We appreciate that many research facilities have different needs, so we can also work with you to create a bespoke system to help your business save space and time, use less raw materials and water, and ultimately save you money while looking after the environment. The FT74XTS is a must for anybody wanting to work with dairy, beverages, beer, condiments, fruit and vegetable purees, cream, yoghurt, milk, fruit juice, cordials, ice cream, confectionary, sauces, soups, gravy, pet food, proteins, and pharmaceuticals.

To learn more, please view the FT174X datasheet at

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