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Multifunction Laboratory Mixers

The Armfield FT141 and FT142 are versatile batch processing vessels, the FT142 having UHT capability. They are suitable for high shear mixing, dispersing, homogenising, emulsifying, evaporation and vacuum deaerating.

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FT141/142 Multifunction Laboratory Mixers - Issue 4

The Armfield FT141 and FT142 are versatile batch processing vessels, the FT142 having UHT capability. They are suitable for high shear mixing, dispersing, homogenising, emulsifying, evaporation and vacuum deaerating.


  • 10 or 20-litre product capacity
  • High-speed bottom-mounted emulsifying mixer
  • Top-mounted gentle agitator with flexible scraper
  • Simultaneous high shear mixing and sidewall agitation
  • Vacuum capability
  • Powered lift for tank lid
  • Inlet funnel and valve
  • FT142 has UHT capability: 140°C, 3 bar
  • FT141 is PLC controlled via a touchscreen as standard
  • FT142 has an electronic control panel with PLC control available as an option
  • Large-diameter hygienic outlet valve
  • Full instrumentation
  • Jacketed vessel for indirect heating and cooling
  • Optional direct heating using steam
  • Viewing window with light and wiper
  • Range of process options


  • Representative results from small quantities of product
  • Maximum flexibility enables development of a wide range of products
  • Fast emulsifying for improved dissolving of powders
  • Deaeration with vacuum
  • Straightforward scale-up
  • Simple to use


The FT141 and FT142 are multifunction batch process systems designed for the hygienic processing of up to either 10 litres (FT141 or FT142) or 20 litres (FT142) of product, depending on the unit and option selected. Each system comprises the jacketed mixing tank, a high-speed mixer, a gentle agitator, a vacuum system, steam heating and water cooling of the jacket, water flush for the shaft seals. Direct steam heating of the vessel can be provided as an option.

The FT141 is capable of processing at 95% vacuum and up to 100°C. The FT142 extends the performance into UHT processing at up to 140°C and 3 bar.

Each tank is fitted with a large-diameter (51mm) manual outlet valve and a 25mm manual inlet valve complete with inlet funnel. All contact surfaces are 316 stainless steel. The vessels are equipped with a temperature sensor, a safety cut-out switch and a sight glass with a light and wiper. The clamped lid has a powered lift mechanism for easy raising. The heating/cooling jacket can be pressurised and is fitted with a safety valve.

A high-speed mixing head with variable-speed control is provided in the bottom of the vessel, carefully positioned in relation to the outlet valve to enable easy drainage. The standard mixing wheel has a stator and a single knife on top. The stator rings are available with different hole sizes from 1 to 4mm. Other types of mixing units, such as a double-bladed knife with blind plate or fibre-cut, can be provided on request.

A slow-speed gentle agitator is fitted on the vessel lid. This is a double-arm agitator with a flexible scraper on one arm to prevent burn-on of the product to the side of the vessel. A liquid-ring vacuum pump is used when required to process below atmospheric pressure. A combined pressure and vacuum gauge is used to display the tank pressure. The FT142 includes as standard an automatic vacuum control. Options are available for a cooler on the connection pipe to the vacuum pump and for a condensation collector with sight glass in the vacuum line. The mechanical seals on the rotating shafts are automatically flushed with water via a solenoid valve, activated together with the motors.

The FT141 has a PLC control system with touchscreen display as standard. The FT142 has a standard electronic panel made of stainless steel, which includes start/stop controls, speed controls for the motors, temperature display, heating and cooling setpoints, plus emergency stop. Once the heating set point has been reached the temperature is maintained using on/off control.

Unit specifications


Mixer Speed: Variable to 3,000 rpm
Agitator speed: Variable to 36 rpm
Maximum Vacuum: -950 mbar Gauge
Jacket Pressure: 4 bar max
Maximum Temperature: 100°C
Tank Insulation: 30mm


Mixer Speed: Variable to 3,000 rpm
Agitator speed: Variable to 36 rpm
Maximum Vacuum: -950 mbar Gauge 
Jacket Pressure: 4 bar max
Maximum Temperature: 140°C 
Tank Insulation: 30mm

Order codes

FT141: Ten Litre Multifunction Laboratory Mixer
FT142-10: Ten Litre UHT Multifunction Laboratory Mixer
FT142-20: Twenty Litre UHT Multifunction Laboratory Mixer

FT141-E/FT142-10-E/FT142-20-E: 380-415V/3ph/50Hz, 10 amp

FT141-D/FT142-10-D/FT142-20-D: 208-220V/3ph/60Hz, 10 amp


FT141-11/FT142-11: PLC control system with 6” (153mm) colour touchscreen
FT141-12/FT142/12: Automatic vacuum control valve
FT141-13/FT142-13: Direct Steam Injection connection with valve
FT141-14/FT142-14: Water inlet to prove a measured quantity of water into the vessel, selectable in increments of 0.25l
FT141-15/FT142-15: Condenser and sight glass on vacuum pipe
FT141-10-16/FT142-10-16: Safety shield for 10l tank lid
FT141-20-16/FT142-20-16: Safety shield for 20l tank lid

Additionally extra sockets can be provided for additional instrumentation.
All options must be specified at time of order.


Steam supply:
Steam (indirect heating) 13 kg/hr max at 4 bar
Steam (direct heating) 75 kg/hr max at 4 bar

Compressed air:
Compressed air 100 l/min max at 6 bar

Water 8.5 l/min at 4 bar constant pressure

Electricity three-phase 6kW max (400V version runs off a standard 16 amp supply)

Shipping specification

Volume: 5.7m³
Gross weight: 910kg

Overall dimensions

Height: 1.75m (2.15m lid open)
Width: 1.7m
Depth: 1.3m