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Rising Film Evaporator

The Armfield Rising Film Evaporator is a floor-standing unit, designed to provide practical training for the operation of large modern evaporator equipment in industry.

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FT22 Rising Film Evaporator – Issue 5

The costs incurred by the length of time taken, the large quantities of raw materials required and the interruption of the production process mean it is disadvantageous to test new products using full-scale production equipment.

The Armfield evaporator processes samples as small as two litres under conditions identical to those in production, sufficient to reveal the effect of heating on any ingredients newly introduced to the recipe.

As well as investigation of the effect on organoleptic and physico-chemical properties, the equipment can be used to prepare product for taste trials on a daily basis to ensure the quality of incoming raw material is consistent.


  • Nominal throughput only 10 l/hr 
  • Single-tube heat exchanger
  • Integral CIP system
  • Integral control console
  • Data logging and analysis included


  • Small quantities of liquid products can be concentrated
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Low product usage eases the disposal of waste


The single tube-in-jacket evaporator replicates industrial units which often contain scores of much longer tubes within the steam space. The component parts of the industrial process have been scaled down, feed tank, vapour/liquid separator, condenser, concentrate tank, condensate tank, CIP pump and vacuum pump, all manufactured from hygienic materials such as stainless steel, PTFE and glass.

The system is supported within a stainless steel framework and requires only a connection to suitable steam, electrical and water services for operation.

Only 0.65m² of floor space is required to install the evaporator and it has been designed to fit easily into a room of standard height.


Concentration of:

  • Juices (fruit and vegetable)
  • Milk and milk products
  • Extracts (non-flammable)
  • Effluents

Unit Specifications

Evaporator tube length: 1.36m
Heat transfer area: 0.06m2
Max evaporation rate: 10 l/hr
Max steam consumption: 15 kg/hr
Max steam pressure (working): 1.7 bar
Condenser area: 0.17m2
Feed tank capacity max: 30l
Concentrate collecting tank capacity: 5l
Condensate collecting tank capacity: 5l
CIP pump (flexible impeller): 8 l/min @ 20ft H2O
System vacuum: 225mm Hg ABS (increased when pump heads in series) 

Optional Accessories

UOP10 Steam Generator
Provides an adequate supply of steam as the heat transfer medium.


Electricity supply:

FT22-A: 220-240V 1ph 50Hz 3kW
FT22-B: 120V 1ph 60Hz 3kW

Data logger:
A computer runing Windows 98 or above, with a USB port.

Shipping Specification

Volume: 2.40m3
Gross weight: 330kg

Overall Dimensions

Height: 2.60m
Width: 0.78m
Depth: 0.65m