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Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Systems

Armfield miniature-scale heat exchanger systems enable developers to run small trials, which provide enough information to enable scale-up to larger plant with confidence. A wide range of configurations are available.

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FT25 Modular Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Systems
Issue 8

Armfield miniature-scale technology is well established as offering developers the opportunity to run small trials, which provide enough information to enable scale-up to larger plant with confidence. The formulations go through similar physio-chemical changes as they would in production plant and real time data logging permits results to be recorded and repeated.

The FT25 range of miniature-scale scraped surface heat exchangers has built in control and flexibility with a graphic representation on the membrane technology control panel. The operator can choose the parameters wanted for any particular formulation.

The FT25 has a number of configurations according to the use required.


  • Full control of barrel speeds up to 1,000rpm
  • Temperature control system incorporated
  • Integral membrane control panel enabling simple control and monitoring of all major variables
  • Enclosed self-contained, mobile, stainless steel service cabinet for easy cleaning and washdown
  • Hard chromed barrels
  • Hygienic design
  • Made from AISI 316 stainless steel
  • In-cabinet refrigeration


  • Variable-speed pinworker for margarine and soft spreads
  • Air incorporation system 
  • Computer data-logging facility
  • Pinworker


  • Duplicates full-scale process
  • Fast, accurate new product development
  • All process parameters under operator control for maximum flexibility
  • Rugged and reliable units


The FT25 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Series utilises the Armfield monocoque stainless steel cabinet with membrane technology control panel. The working platform can accommodate one or two barrels (B), or a variable-speed pinworker (P) alongside a product reservoir and progressive cavity feed pump.

The unit uses a refrigeration system supplied within the cabinet and utilises a chilled, recirculating brine system, which is pumped through the barrel jackets.

An air-incorporation system can also be added if required.

Small batch sizes enable rapid product testing and a Clean-In-Place (CIP) facility speeds turnaround for increased productivity. All services required are housed inside the washdown cabinet, which also contains a drawer mounted with the electrical chassis.

Typical Configurations

Continuous Margarine Crystallizer

FT25BP-IF-C: One barrel and one pinworker
FT25BBP-IF-C: Two barrels and one pinworker

A resting tube for product settling and brine refrigeration unit for process cooling are supplied. A range of oil emulsions can be processed.

Continuous Ice Cream Freezer

FT25BA-IF-C: One barrel

Air incorporation via a small air compressor and refrigeration. Overrun can be achieved up to 300% (dependent on product).

Combined Ice Cream and Margarine System

FT25BBPA-IF-C: Two barrels, one pinworker plus air incorporation.


  • Margarine, soft spreads and shortenings
  • Confectionery fillings
  • Aerated products, ice cream, sorbets
  • Aseptic products: 
    > Sauces 
    > Condiments 
    > Baby foods 
    > Processed cheese

Unit Specifications

Heat Exchanger Barrel:
Heat transfer area: 0.045m2
Shaft/barrel volume ratio: 1:3.5
Scraper blades: Four along shaft stainless steel, 180° separation
Barrel length: 0.35m
Barrel working pressure: 8.0 bar
No of pins on shaft: 20
No of pins on barrel: 42
Barrel/pinworker drives:
Variable-speed AC motors, inverter controlled: Speed range 0-1,400rpm
Refrigeration system:
Recirculating brine system: -25°C capability
Feed pumps:
Progressive cavity pump
Process throughput: 0-20 l/hr, independent of back pressure
Particulate capability: Up to 0.6mm
Fibre-handling capability: Up to 25mm
Air incorporation system:

Air pump with multiple-turn control valve and dial to vary overrun

Ordering Specifications

Orders for Armfield FT25 units may be placed by using a specification code:
for example FT25BBP-1F-C-A. An explanation of the specification may be found by reference to the table below:

Barrel Configuration

Heating/cooling options

Feed pump options
Supply voltage*
BP: One barrel , one pinworker

BA: One barrel, air incorporation

BBA: Two barrels, air incorporation

BBP: Two barrels, one pinworker

BBPA: Two barrels, pinworker, air incorporation
-1F: Refrigeration system

-C: Progressive cavity pump
(recommended for
most applications)
-A 220-240V / 1ph / 50Hz

-C 415V / 3ph / 50Hz

-D 208V / 3ph / 60Hz

-G 220V / 1ph / 60Hz


Optional Accessories

FT25-DTA-ALITE Data Logging Accessory: 

Windows™ Data Capture Software
A unique benefit of the Armfield miniature-scale food processing range is that the measured data may be captured and stored to disk.

An Armfield FT25-DTA-ALITE data logging accessory transfers results to a computer. Feed pump flow rate, barrel/pinworker speeds, temperatures and pressures can be monitored in realtime. The data can be displayed in graphical and tabular forms and printed.

A computer with a USB port, and running Windows XP or later is required.



Water for refigeration cooling
Cooling water supply with flow rate of 3 l/min @ 3 bar and less than or equal to 20°C



(See ordering codes)

Shipping Specification

Volume: 2.1m3
Gross weight: 380kg

Overall Dimensions

Height: 1.40m
Width: 0.85m
Depth: 0.90m